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November 16, 2013 Santa Claus Parade

The 2013 Santa Claus Parade took place Saturday November 16, and Winnipeg ARES was honoured to be asked to participate by supplying operators along the course route and at key locations to liaise with the Winnipeg Police Service, the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service, St John Ambulance and Parade Organizers. Approximately 26 members and affiliates spent more than five hours walking, riding, standing and sitting, helping to ensure the safety of spectators and participants alike. Temperatures were in the low single digits throughout the day, and the promised sunshine never materialized. Despite that, the joy of the spectators and the warm smiles of the children drove away the cold.

2013 Santa Claus Parade Gator
Paramedics from the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service prepare the GATOR response vehicle prior to the parade.

2013 Santa Claus Parade Emergency Services Vehicles
City emergency services stationed on Hargrave Street, North of Portage Avenue. Ambulance, Gator, MIRV (Major Incident Response Vehicle), Winnipeg Police Service support vehicle.

2013 Santa Claus Parade ARES Volunteers
Many of the ARES contingent were taken to their stations (one posted on each block of the parade route) by bus.