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Upcoming Events...

Manitoba Marathon, Sunday 16 Jun 2024
The 2024 Manitoba Marathon is on Sunday, 16 JUNE 2024. The Amateur Radio Volunteer briefing is at 1900h on Tuesday, 11 Jun 2024. The briefing will take place at Crescentwood Community Club, 1170 Corydon Avenue, (Map 24 D2) and material pick-up will begin at 1815h.

If you are volunteering with us this year but can't attend the 11 Jun briefing please let us know who will attend to pick up your stuff.

Please complete your Amateur Radio Volunteer registration for the 2024 Manitoba Marathon here.
Scouts Canada Klondike Derby, 02-03 Mar 2024
The Klondike Derby is a Scouting activity (competition) requiring teams of 6 to 8 Cubs/Girl Guides or Scouts/Pathfinders to pull a Klondike-type sleigh over a course of approximately 2.5 km through the woods at Camp Amisk, off Waverly south of Perimeter Hwy (Map E G4).

Approximately 14 Winnipeg ARES members and affiliates are needed to provide volunteer Amateur Radio communications to make the event a success. The Klondike Derby presentation is available here and will open in a new tab.

To volunteer contact Richard VE4KAZ at